Unwise Usage of Social Media

The rapid growth of communication technology in this time does not make improvement for its device only such as mobile phone and computer, but, it is also able to lead improvement on some other communication technology products such as internet. The high need of internet connection in this time successfully able to make the growth of internet becomes more rapid. The rapid growth of internet in this time also appears the name of social media websites becomes more popular for people. More than just being used for connecting people to one another, but, social media is also able to be used as a great way for people in doing business. But, besides those great things, social media also able to lead some bad effect if it does not being used wisely.

Some Bad Things That May Be Caused By Social Media On Your Children

Recently, as the rapid growth from internet, the number of websites for being visited by people is also getting more various. They are not only some websites that give information, but, social media as the websites for doing interaction among people in online way is also getting more favored by people. The high popularity of social media websites also makes them not to be accessed by adult only, but now, social media websites like Facebook also being familiar for some children. Thing that you have to know, besides can give great effect for people, the unwise use of this website is also able to lead some bad things especially for children who are mostly being known as having less knowledge in using it.

As for children, the unwise use of social media can give them some bad effects. As for their mental growth, social media is commonly being used by them as the media to do bullying action or worse, it can be used for sexual abuse. Besides being able to give problem on mental growth, the use of social media unwisely is also able to lead physical problem especially for their eyes. The easiness of children in being addicted to access social media too often on their gadget is possibly able to lead health problems especially for their eyes. So, it is better for you to control their activity through computer especially while browsing social media by using sniperspy.

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