How to Protect Your Company Secret File and Data

In this modern day, it is not a bad thing to trust people. However, of course, it is also preferable to be cautious even with someone that you know. The same can be said for any company in this world. Due to the rivalry between companies it is very difficult to keep the secret or data file in one company so it will not be stolen by rival company. These kinds of act is often known as backstabbing and betrayal where other company hire an employee to work in rival company to stole their secret data and plan. Of course, this kinds of case is very dangerous for any employer therefore here are some of the methods to keep this case happening.

Several Tips for owner of a company

A good company is company with good management system, good owner, and good employee. If the company doesn’t have any feature between these three, the company will be suffers from various issues. So, as the owner, he / she must control and monitor the entire the activities of the employee. Placing the computer with LAN connection is first step to make the company better. Through the computer, owner can give any order to his / her employees. Place any computer with LAN connection to company is quite simple and efficient. The owner doesn’t need to directly goes to the employee and can take full control through the computer.

Another thing that is quite important for a company is the management information and secret data regarding the company. Usually important data of the company ranges from accountancy report, the journal, employee data record, and inventory of the company. Therefore, the owner must take extra care about these data if he / she want to make their company thrives. The secret report must not be shown to certain employee. Usually, secret files and data such as accountancy report or future plan is being control by owner and owner can give the order to vice owner and secretary to control data. If the data is known by other employee, the company management will be in a mess because an irresponsible employee can sell the data to other company which resulted in bankruptcy.

Stealing secret data and files is a phenomenon that is quite common in business. There are many employees who are wanted to steal the secret data and files from their company. To make things even worse if an employee is understands about how to hacking computer, it can increase the chance that your company secret and data will be stolen. To avoid this accident, the computer must be given with the password and additional security measure. Therefore, if any employee still wants to hack the computer, it can be prevented.

Of course, it is even better if we have several additional precautions to prevent the stolen of our company data and one of them is by installing the Sniperspy application. This application is useful for any computer, especially for company that private computer and only certain people can take control of the computer.

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