Effective solution for the event manager

What do you imagine when you want to make your event was visited by many people who are very interested in the event that you created? After imagine, what you do to achieve it all? Distributing pamphlets and information face to face? Uh, it’s too traditional and does not reach people who never met you but may be they are people who could potentially follow the event that you hold!

Yes, the internet has become one right solution to deploy something. Advantage of this widely used by those who often hold an event either large or small scale. Forget about the flying hours that you have in managing a similar event. Now what is needed is a simple way to an easy process to make your event of interest and known by many people but still professional and well planned in a very long period of time.

Do you believe it; WordPress can help you overcome it all!

As always, a site or a blog about an event should be interactive providing the latest information that can be known by the participants of the potential event. On the site there is usually a program details, speaker lists, guest lists, and how to register online.

WordPress helps by providing a platform that is very easy to set up as needed and often used by the event manager. Moreover, this time filled and comes with plugins that make your task much easier and practical. The following are two among many plugins that can help you hold events and conferences:

1. Events Manager

This plugin is really unreliable for those of you who want to hold an event with a practical and easy. You can RSVP participants through your website. Even with this program you can easily provide maps, event listings, calendar of events and even a detailed description of each activity to be carried out in an event (especially a conference). moreover, the latest news can be gained by following the RSS feeds that are made for it so that everyone associated with the event you will always get the latest news about the event. This plugin also has to do with Google Maps that can easily direct guests to Facebook nearby hotels, restaurants nearby and a variety of things they need during the conference was held. The most entertaining and fun are all these in a penny not have to pay anything for this plugin, or FREE!

2. Eventify

Like Events manager, this plugin can be obtained for FREE! This plugin also allows you to manage and edit widgets or pop ups to make your site look more interactive and interesting. With this plugin you do not have fear javascript program problematic because all has been well accounted to. You can also upload details of the event by using the Excel format. In addition, a video about the content of the event or conference you can also upload easily. Is not that impressive?

From now, start by organizing your planning easy by using advances in technology that is rapidly growing. Good luck!

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